Operation Citadel, Kursk, 1943

I bought all the materials for a new diorama - Operation Citadel, Kursk, 1943.


I am painting now Ferdinand from Dragon.


Looks excellent Pavel. Keep up the good work. Love the paint job .

Excellent build - which unit will it be, sPzJgAbt 653 or 654?

Thanks. I think making Ferdinand 654 batalion, near the station Ponyri.

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Good choice, they need every available vehicle…

If you need any research help I’ve got K.H. Munch’s 654 Combat history (weighs 3 kilos) which includes some photos I haven’t seen on the web. The book has one or multiple images of: II02, II03, 702, 712, 714, 722,723, 731.


Nice start, I’ll be following your build.
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

i am build for diorama the model Tamiya Kubelwagen.


Nice job on the Kubelwagen.

Finished building the model Kubelwagen


camouflage + decals


Great job, that’s Fw. Bohling’s ride, disabled by a mine near Ponyri and taken back to Moscow. There are 3 photos in the Munch book (1 from port side, 2 from starboard) and you’ve done an excellent replication of the pattern, bravo! :+1: :+1:

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Thank you. I took these photos, but not everything worked out.

I had the same problems doing 724 & II02, impossible (for me) to get accurate enough with an airbrush so resorted to sable brush over dampened panels to get soft-ish edges to the net pattern. You did better than I anyway, yours looks 95% perfect.

I checked the Munch book – it has your top & bottom images but not the middle rear view, and it has this one for your collection if not seen already…


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Thank you, but what is that near the Balkan cross?

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I was hoping you might know what it is, I’m not sure either. It’s certainly unique, no other 6xx Ferdy had it, and (based on Munch photos) only 722 had something non-standard in that position, a second tool box.

I thought it might be a badge/map of a German state? It would make sense located next to the cross, and away from front & rear where only standard markings were (apparently) allowed for 654. But the shape – or two shapes - don’t seem to resemble any state’s borders, nor 1943 national borders. Maybe it’s a city emblem/s somewhere in Greater Germany. :thinking:

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