Operation Epsom-Episode Five-prequel

On the left flank of the 15th(Scottish) Div attack, the assaulting Bns ran into MG and 88mm fire coming from Carpiquet Airfield. This caused casualties and slowed the advance, making the Infantry like the Royal Scots fall behind the rolling barrage. This, plus obstacles and minefields combined with resistance put up by isolated groups and individual grenadiers from the I/25 SS PzGrenRegt combined to put the advance into confusion.
An initial objective, an orchard, was used for a 15 minute halt while the leaders put things back in order. The cautious advance continued and soon the small village of St Manvieu came into view, heavily damaged and partly on fire from the effects of the huge walking barrage.
For the Royals, a long day was just beginning. Many a stout lad would not again see hearth and home.


I really like your foliage.

Hi Jerry,

That really gives a feel of apprehension as the troops cross the open field, great build, :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Thanks Top!

Thank you Sir! I tucked their heads down a bit to try to help convey that feeling.

Brilliant Jerry

The ruined church- nice touch
The hedge is perfect.
The rifleman behind it is nicely discreet

Excellent stuff



Thanks Sean, as always, for the positive reinforcement,

Very cool JR , because of space considerations I’ve been building in sectionalized modules for just about forever , just for those few photos . Your use of the same methods prove that you don’t need a 4’ by 8’ piece of plywood to show a sweeping epic story . Compartmentalized modules , your back stories and beautiful work are visual stories to be seen and very much appreciated !!!

Thanks buddy!
Yep,I ran out of room ! I certainly will not be building new shelves or throwing stuff out just to display/archive my builds so this was the logical solution.
I end up throwing almost all my builds away anyway so it’s a win win,

yeah. I’ve been following this topic for a while, and every day is another check in that brings updates on this build! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks buddy for your continued support!

Great build!

thank you Sir!

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Hey Jerry I know some guys who’d kill to get a shot like the 2nd of your last batch of photos & I’m one of ‘em. The other’s ain’t half bad either but that 2nd one, the only possible enhancement would be real sunshine on it. Just brilliant :tumbler_glass:

Thanks man,I appreciate the kind words.
Natural light is the gold standard but I rarely have the gumption to haul all the individual parts outside and set them up!
I am trying for the effects of a gloomy,drizzling day but I did forget the smoke effects here.

Your pictures show great atmosphere for sure and I love the ground work!

Thanks buddy! I appreciate the comments!