Operation Medemblik, 17-06-2017, Medemblik, The Netherland

In 2017, the Educatief Centrum WO2, a museum in Medemblik, organised a 2nd large scale reenaction event in Medemblik, coupled with the local veterans day. This time with a simulated landing on a beach of the IJsselmeer.
As special guest I was able to roam freely all over the premises.
The historical correctness left to be desired at some points, but it was very entertaining. Lots of action, lots of spactacle! Enjoy the pictures…


Nice images and it looked like it was a good day…and good weather which always helps :+1:

The day was very good! They put in maximal effort. Actually, the event was spread out over 2 days.
I can tell you it was bloody warm! Got me a nice sunburn…

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