OPFOR Chieftain?

Looks like these Chieftains were modified to resemble T-80U.


Are these the Goldeneye Chieftains?


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I always thought the Goldeneye tanks were T54/55s, but I’m sure they had Chieftain tracks or similar fitted which seemed odd, I could only think they would of had to have tracks with pads fitted for the roads etc ?

Saw Goldeneye movie most recently and got a short glimpse the Chieftains. But to short to identfy that they had been modified to resemble a T-80.

Here a good still of the movie.

BTW Which Mark of the Chieftains are these? A have the old Tamiya kit here and don`t know what to do with.

Totally forgot about that scene. At least 3 are Stillbrew wagons with the turret & front hull bins and thermal sleeves & MRS removed, so Mk 10/11s. I was thinking of just the driving scene and you can see the T54/55 tucked away in the corner.

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Quite a lot of work to do to a Tamiya kit to get to there. The Takom is a much better bet, given that you’d need a second Tamiya (or casting rubber and resin) to do the engine decks and a Challenger kit for the barrel and commander’s periscopes. And you’d still have a load of scratchbuilding even before getting to the Russki bits.

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