I understand that in recent years, the British Army has adopted a distinctive camouflage scheme for its OPFOR personnel on exercise at BATUS. Evidently, this incorporates various shades of blue and grey (as shown in the photograph on the left). Other photographs (including the one on the right) suggest a combination of black and various shades of grey. Could this be due to a change in lighting, or are both schemes appropriate?


I would say both are colours that have been used (and still are ? ) but probably not in use at the same time … that wouldn’t make sense really …
I wouldn’t say the light or conditions have made any difference… The boots are genuine colours, as are the berets and jungle hat and also the flesh tones are all good …


Thanks for the clarification. This was what I thought,
although I was unable to find reference to the ‘black
and grey’ version on Google.