Opinions on Easy Metal Links 35007 metal tracks for MENG SS-010 IDF D9R?

Dear all,

I’m planning to build the MENG SS-010 - IDF D9R Armoured Bulldozer (with slat armour). I’m pretty new to the hobby and this model was the first one I’ve built (but not painted) 4 months ago so I’ve decided to give myself a second chance:

Pretty much decided to go “all-in” this time :crazy_face:
The one thing that I did not really like the first time were the stock tracks, so I’m looking for a replacement. Does anyone have experience with EML-35007: Easy Metal Links (EML) MMT-35007 Armored Bulldozer D9R Tracks - Meng - / 1:35 | Der Sockelshop - Modelling Shop ?
Are there better alternatives (preferably in EU)?
Thank you very much for your insights!

The expression is “all in”.

Those tracks look nice, I had not heard about them before. The only ones I knew about where the Friulmodel set, ATL-161.

Personally because it’s a live track with little to no slack, I don’t see the need for aftermarket tracks. Your project, your choice.

I didn’t know Valkyrie has a dedicated IDF D9 figures set. The female crew is a nice touch, it’s good for a training unit. The red boots are incorrect, Combat Engineers have black ones. As far as I can see the soldier guiding the vehicle has a Tavor, so he isn’t a CE but infantry. Depending on the Brigade, red shoes are OK for him. The white T-shirts are wrong, only allowed black, green or khaki (or no T-shirt at all) when wearing fatigues.

Fun fact: never call the beret worn by IDF Combat Engineers ‘grey’, but SILVER!

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Thanks mate! That insider information is very helpful.