Ordering Elephant Model products

From a number of posts it sounds like ordering direct from Elephant Corporation is problematic. If that’s the case, do any dealers carry the products? After a not real extensive search I haven’t found any.


Are you asking about “Elefant” Corporation, i.e. that do lots of small detail parts for M113, M48, M60, etc. elefantcorporation.com?

If so, I’ve ordered from them directly without any issues and have not heard of any problems.

They do have some interesting goodies! For UK customers please note they ship from Czech (even though they have a UK office) so your items will come with extra costs on delivery thanks to Brexit taking effect on 1 January 2021. A quick look on their website’s terms and conditions page shows the line “We are not VAT payers”, which I take to mean they will not collect VAT on UK-bound orders under £135 value, so for a UK customer that package will instead come with a demand for the VAT (20%) plus fee (usually around £12?) on top of the base cost plus shipping. This may not be a show-stopper, but worth being pre-warned so it doesn’t come as a surprise.

By problematic, he may mean that the web site check out doesn’t work. At least that has been my experience. Login, fill the cart, go to check out… can’t get to the page where you pay.

Actually, now that you mention it, I did have that problem. But I simply emailed them with my order (and mentioned the website problem), and they responded right away with a Paypal invoice, and I had no issues getting the product.


It’s not problematic, there were some problems entering the phone number, but the webmaster fixed that. Only, and this needs to be emphasized, it is sent once a week. It’s about 80 km to the post office there and back. So it is unrealistic to carry every shipment extra. Before a new colleague started to deal with the transport, the delivery times were longer. It was possible to shorten them significantly. The warehouse also gradually filled up so that shipments could be sent a little faster. We only have two 3D printers. Once a wholesale order arrives, it overwhelms it for two weeks. So we gradually created a warehouse from which we only ship to customers. We do not take products for distributors. We always print their requirements for them. The assortment is increasing, so we are considering one more 3D printer. We use the best possible settings, but the price is a much longer print time. We have a 4K and 8K printer. We are thinking about the third one. This would already be industrial, so it would be possible to print many more items at once. Example, printing wheels for Hetzer in the best quality = 4 sets of wheels in 5 hours of printing… The master model of the figure is printed in 7 hours. But those are production issues.



This was the problem of all e-shops that use the same template as us. We have pointed out several times the difficulties with entering the phone. As far as I know, it has been fixed.