Oscha. Walter Knecht's Tiger I Late "132" - Command Tank?

Please can someone tell me if it was a command tank or just a “common” Tiger?. I found a pic, but no antenna are visible in the side.
I saw 2 pics more in the past, from behind with civilians around, apparently after the return, or end of the war, but can`t found again.

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We wouldn’t expect a Tiger numbered “132” to be a Befehlstiger.

I have the photos mentioned, and it’s pretty clear that there’s no antenna post for the Fu 7 and there’s no jack block on the left of the rear wall. So it’s an ordinary Tiger.


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Thanks David!.


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I believe that the tables of organization and allowance only allowed for three command Tigers in the battalion HQ - one for the BN commander, one for the BN operations officer and the third for the LW air-ground liaison officer. The last, the air-ground liaison officer’s tank substituted the long-range radio for the high-frequency air-to-ground set.



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