Oxford Diecast's Lambretta Scooter (1/76 scale)

I have just received the long-awaited 1/76-scale Lambretta scooter from Oxford Diecast.
I am really pleased with the overall quality of this diminutive piece. However, it would
appear that the designers at Oxford have produced something of a hybrid; the low headlight
position suggests an early-TV (or similar), as does the rounded front mudguard. The side panels
and dual seat are more in keeping with the later LI series.
My aim is to modify the model to recreate a 1960s ‘Mod’ machine, complete with an array of
mirrors and spotlights, front and rear carriers, a pair of rear-mounted aerials, and leopard-print
seat cover, not to mention the iconic RAF roundels on the side panels.
At 68 years old, I am looking forward to tackling this nostalgic subject … takes me back to my youth.

Paul (ex-Mod, and proud of it!)
Lambretta (76th Scale - Oxford Diecast)|554x500