P-400 Airacobra 1:72 Arma Hobby

OK. This is my last in my stash (but for sure not last at all :slight_smile: ) Arma Hobby model. This time Iā€™m going to build P-400 from New Guinea. So:
the model

add-ones (decals, PE and resin parts):

Till now I glued some parts and used some PE parts:

and I painted interior:

I used Ammo A.MIG No 221 paint as ZCY and Tamiya XF-26 as Bell Green.
Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Iā€™m working in cockpit. Only instrument panel left.


Good luck with the Cobra build, Andy! Will follow as always. Is the balance weight included in the kit or is it aftermarket?
In my old 1/48 Eduard Cobras the weight is included but not so in the later ones.

Greetings from Malta :malta:

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Torsten, the 3 metal balls are included in the kit and they are perfectly fit in the special holes in plastic part.

Iā€™m going to use Yahu YMA 7344 set:

I prepared instrument panel for instal:

Time to install inside the cockpit.

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Yahu on place: