P 47 models

What is the best large scale 1/32nd even 1/24 P47 to buy ?

Kinetic makes a 1/24 kit. A few make 1/32 kits. 21st Century did a 1/18 P-47. Not sure the “best” in that group, usually only one choice in the scale.

1/48th ?..I here Tamiya ?

Yes in 1/48 Tamiya makes both P-47D types bubble and razorback. Dora Wings makes a P-47C. ARII makes a P-47B. There is even some conversion/resin XP-47H.

Tamiya in 1/48 are outstanding kits, can’t go wrong there. Trumpeter or Hasegawa in 1/32 are good kits. Kinetic are the only 1/24 game in town since they picked up the moulds from Vintage Fighters, they do both Razorback and Bubbletop in the scale and they are awesome kits.

Cheers, D