Paasche air compressor issue

Hi all, tonight while i was painting my air compressor kept on turning on and off. For the last month I’ve noticed that the air pressure hasn’t been consistent going through the airbrush, is there something wrong with my compressor? Also the attachment that regulates the psi and that had the air release on the bottom seems to not fit correctly anymore. It has to be tighten and it doesn’t sit the proper way, when i tighten it all the way the psi gauge is upside down. Is there any remedies for this or should i look at a new air compressor?

Not familiar with the Paasche Compressor but I’d check the following.

If there’s a drain valve I’d check it and open etc. I’d also disconnect the regulator and see how the Compressor runs for a minute or so. I’d check both sides of regulator and air hose too.

Does the Paasche website have a Trouble Shooting guide? If not
I’d call Paasche and ask them for Trouble Shooting suggestions for your specific model of Compressor.

Naturally check for dirt or debris and remove it found.

Are the screws for the head snug? If ones loose it could loose seal and leak.

Saw description of a similar issue. There might be something of use.

Various Paasche Compressor Manuals

Paasche Compressor Troubleshooting

More Paasche Compressor Trouble Shooting Tips

I hope you’re able to resolve the problem soon with miminal hassle.

@Armor_Buff thank you for the links! It seems as of now my issue is resolved, i had never encountered the automatic turnoff until this past weekend. It makes me wonder if i was just just a low enough psi to avoid that mechanism activating. Either way I noticed that as long as I’m painting the compressor runs, when i stop for a few minutes that’s when the mechanism begins. I feel like it’s normal and all this was able to help me realize that my regulator wasn’t on tight enough.

Happy to hear the issue is resolved Gregory, good deal :slight_smile:

@Armor_Buff i am as well, i puckered up a little bit when i thought i had to buy a new compressor. At least my wife blessed off on that scenario if it came to it :sweat_smile:

Additional “fault code” or maintenenace point:
Check if the compressor has an intake filter and clean it if there is one