Paasche VJR Airbrush, good condition, looking to buy

Looking to buy good condition Paasche VJR Airbrush in working order. Will pay happily pay shipping, reasonable asking price and make it worth your time. Really desire the #1 needle and tip. If spare parts are available interested in acquiring those as well.


Thank you.

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Hey man, I believe I have one with a ton of accessories, cups needles and tips. Let me know if you want pics.



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I emailed you some pictures but it looks like I have a VSR90, not the VJR. Red handle should have warned me. The VJR90 looks great though.


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I’m not familiar with the VSR90 let me check that out.

I have a VSR90 that I’ve had for years. It tends to be at it’s best when spraying inks or very thin media. It has a very, very fine tip and I don’t think Paasche supports it any longer. I highly recommend the Paasche Raptor with a fine needle setup. It’s better with hobby paints than the VSR90. I also have a Paasche Talon with a fan tip that I use for thicker paints and primers. Just my 2 cents worth of Paasche experience…

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@Steeleagle Gray, thank you, I appreciate the input.

Top mounted color cups on an airbrush annoy me to no end.

I really like my customized Paasche VL (siphon) and Iwata Micron B with gravity feed with a small built in color cup. I like working with typically ~2 or 3cc of paint when airbrushing models.


Therefore a Paasche VJR, is what I want to add to the work bench.


Have located a VJR, thank you to everyone who looked or responded.