Pacific Profiles Volume 12 Allied Fighters: P-51 & F-6 Mustang series New Guinea and the Philippines 1944-1945 | AeroScale

AVONMORE BOOKS brings us PACIFIC PROFILES VOLUME 12 ALLIED FIGHTERS: P-51 & F-6 MUSTANG SERIES, which covers North American P-51 markings, tail codes and units operating in New Guinea and the Philippines, 1944-1945.

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I just got this book and for the most part it is a useful addition to anyone’s library. But, there are a number of errors that just baffle or can be chalked up to mistaken assumptions or editing. Profiles 4, 7 & 79 all are illustrated with the entire tail section being painted white. This has never been proposed in any of the multitude of books on the Mustang. Profile 34 offers that one of the theater markings (broad black bands on the fuselage-and wings for that matter) bent at a sharp angle toward the rear. Its a misinterpretation of a photo as it plainly is the wing stripe on the flaps. I’ve got a photo of the same plane taken from a differing angle and it shows a normal application of the stripes. Profile 41 shows an F-6D (photo recon version of the Mustang) with the camera ports on the right side of the fuselage-redoubtably produced by simply flipping the illustration around. Also none of the photo planes illustrate the prominent lower fuselage camera port. Others have mentioned to never trust a profile without having photographic proof in hand.

All in all I’d get it again but wait for it go to the secondary market.