Pacific Profiles Volume Six Allied Fighters: Bell P-39 & P-400 Airacobra South & Southwest Pacific 1942-1944 | AeroScale

From AVONMORE BOOKS, this volume by a renowned researcher on Second World War South West Pacific aircraft covers all known Airacobra units operating in New Guinea and the Solomons from 1942-44, and features original color illustrations. It addresses longstanding errors perpetuated for decades, and includes new markings and information.

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Nice book but I found at least one strange mistake on profile #82 of P-39Q Souther Belle: this one is supposed to have been named GIRLIE later, but the author writes that it was JULIE + he adds a rendition of the pin-up door art which is quite different of the well-known one seen on the pic on the opposite page ! … :thinking: :face_with_monocle: