Paint storage?

I need to change the way I store model paints. I have Tamiya, life Color and AK. I say that to give an idea as to paint bottle shape. I have gone to home depot to look at tool storage boxes but no luck there.

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I ordered all my storage units off of Esty. there are a lot of good laser cut MDF products there.



If functional or economical or desire to Do It Yourself is a factor here’s a couple of YouTube idea that look fun to build. They aren’t hideous but have limited visual appeal.

Devious Dungeon - Cheap & Easy Paint Rack

Cutting Corners - Do it yourself paint rack

PVC pipe


I have a HobbyZone for my Tamiya paints and nail polish rack for my Vallejo paints. The wall racks are the cheapest I have found using Amazon. I just tested and the Tamiya fits in the there just fine. For Tamiya I am talking about the small 10 ml and not large 23 ml jars.


I’m using acrylic racks sold on Amazon for fingernail polish.

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My kids sent me one of these for my birthday. It works perfectly.

Plydolex Paint Organizer. You can find them on Amazon. They have a whole system of them that snap together to make a desktop organizer.

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go on amazon and search for nail polish acrylic racks. relatively cheap, accommodates roughly the same size as paint bottles and all different sizes from wall mount to table top two to six row bottle shelves. been meaning to order a few myself.


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Joe, that’s a fantastic idea :bulb: :clap:

For $16, rolling the dice :game_die:

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Home made to fit the space I had from my desk to the foundation ledge. Found various trim and one piece of finished ply, cut it down, used my finisher nailer and painted white. Did 2 3 shelf versions and 2 two shelf versions. Sadly they’ll not be moving w me, going through a divorce and those are attached, leaving them and the desk for my daughter who started paint D&D mini’s.

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3 years ago I needed a new and stronger storage for my Vallejo paints. Simply made it by myself in a few days with 5 mm plywood. 140 holes are made with a 32 mm Forstner Drill. Finally it got a coating of colourless wax paint. Sure not perfect but made by me and it does the job … :slightly_smiling_face:


The stairstep racks look good but I am thinking horizontal stackable racks so I can maximize my storage without taking up desk top space.

Just a touch too small for the large Tamiya squares. The 23ml rounds will be very snug.

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…and it was out of stock… :laughing: :joy: …have to find an alternative…thanks for the info on the 23ml’s…

keep searching. they have different sizes and single row wall mount. most come in sets of 3 wall mount racks and i think they are a little bigger than the tier racks

I recently added this Goblin Tavern Etsy find. this rotating rack is mounted under the desk but it can be on the desk or wall mounted as well. the etsy shop has bigger options along with options for bigger paint pots.


I like that pvc idea. Using vallejo racks helps, but you still are pulling bottles to look at back row colors.

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I finally settled on a storage set I found at Joann’s Fabrics

It can hold almost 50 Tamiya paints. I bought 4 of them. Easy to see through, Good quality plastic, Well made latches. Stackable. The 4 will hold close to 200 bottles. There is one issue. The dropper bottle types of paint will require a different solution.
Here is the label with the data. I can recommend this as part of your storage plan.