Paint storage

Hi Guys. May be a daft question, but do you every turn the paint pot upside down to stop the paint separating? I saw a post the other day and every paint pot in the photos of the work were upside down.

Doesn’t need to be done. I have paints twenty years old sitting upright. A good shake, and an extra shake just to be sure. Everything works as if it were new.


I turn Humbrol pots upside down regularly after making sure the lids are REALLY secure. My Tamiya and Vallejo storage are as below and I rotate the pots in an attempt to stop the pigment settling too much. I find enamels suffer from pigment clumping more than acrylics which only need a good shake to fettle them.


I don’t see a reason to store a paint bottle upside down based using a tin of Humbrol last week that’s from the mid 1970’s. It’s ~45+ years old. I bought it in 1976 or so. It has always been stored upright. Likewise, for 35+ year old bottles of Floquil, 25+ year old bottles of Tamiya & Mr Hobby are good and all stored upright.

What’s critical in my opinion is cleaning the bottle top off ans making sure paint isn’t in the cap threads or lip. Have to make sure the cap/lid gets a good seal.