Painting ammo Mig and ak interactive grass tufts?

I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube where the builders use ammo Mig or AK interactive model grass tufts. After gluing them on the base of the diorama they go back and paint everything in a coat of black then start painting the grass in its shades of green. Is this the preferred method of using these products or is this just a way to enhance them? So far I’ve used the air field base from ammo Mig and thought it was perfect how it was. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this method, has anyone else here done this and if so what colors did you use to make the grass tufts better?


I’ve done it with other brands grass.
It’s not essential but it does mean you can use one pack in any season, and not buy several sets.
Plus I’m a firm believer in painting everything, and it gives you more control

Example photos attached


That looks amazing I’ll have to try this method then! What colors would you recommend to paint grass? @robh


I always paint mine, but only a little drybrushing to emphasize contrasts that are mostly already there. I guess I’m interested to hear about how to paint the whole thing, but a little bit goes a long way…

For the D Day para, I used Tamiya basic green and yellow mixed and airbrushed, ending with a very thin almost yellow colour. As it was June it needed to be more vibrant.
I honestly can’t remember the colours used for the Hürtgen Jeep vignette. But the same method was used.

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@robh either way it is great, it gives some some inspiration on a dio im going to build here soon! Also, speaking of your para, what paints did you use to paint him?

Try Night Shift. He does this. Here’s his latest version. Looks 'strange but really works.


@BGT hes who i got the original idea from

Yes he does a great job. It’s counter intuitive and a lot of work but he gets the results.

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@BGT i thought it was an odd method but it seems to work

I think it’s one of those techniques where bravery needs to take over. Destroying a diorama is a high possibility. But nothing ventured nothing gained.
It’s on my ‘must do’ list but no on my ‘bravery’ list.

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@BGT yeah i may attempt it then again the grass tufts already look good. May have to way the options here. I will say the people that have painted grass tufts seem to have some awesome looking dios

Hi! I have done many dioramas without painting the grass, but after seeing Night Shift videos I have start painting the grass as he does. I use different green and sand/yellow colors.
The reason to try painting the grass was that I was fed up with the glossy look that the static grass normally have.
I really recommend to try it. /Erik

Here is the grass I painted:

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Nice work. yup I must try it.

@DIOWORK oh wow, I’m going to give this a try on my polish Austin armored car diorama!

I suggest that you first of all make a test piece. For example 10 x 10 centimeters. On that one you could practice, then you feel more self-conscious when doing the final job. Before I made the diorama above, I first made test piece in 15 x 10 centimeters, there I tested to make both the wooden fence and the painting process with the grass. It helped me a lot. /Erik

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@DIOWORK thabj you for the advice, i think I’ll buy another grass tuft from ak and use it as a practice piece like you said!

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Actually you don’t have to buy stuff. You could use real grass that you have dried, or similar thing, then glue it with white glue, let that dry for some hours and then spray it black. After that you paint the grass in different green, yellow, sand color using the airbrush. Not satisfied? Just start all over again:) /Erik
PS, for testing, the grass don’t have to be in the exact scale.


@DIOWORK ive never thought of that. That’s a better idea and way cheaper lol. Thank you!

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