Painting German Wehrmacht Officers' ranks in 1:35

Hi guys,

How do you best paint the rank insignia of German Wehrmacht Officers? They are quite complex and hard to convey in paint, IMHO…
In 1/35 scale, BTW…

Thanks in advance…

I bought a decal set

Yes there are decals and photo etch sets out there. The Wehrmacht officer ranks can be quite difficult to paint from scratch, I’ve never tried it. Some of the figures have the tank sculpted onto the shoulder boards and neck collar already which makes it much easier of course.

I meant “rank” not “tank” sorry lol. NCO rank is a bit easier.

Picture used for discussion purposes only.

I have a decal set, but those are far from ideal. They tear very quickly and the carrier film is not easy to hide…

Tamiya have a set and they’re OK.
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Yes,my Verlinden and Peddinghouse set has worked fine,could be the ones you have.
A good setting solution helps

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I do have the Verlinden set, but that doesn’t have rank insignia.

Like this - I know they look a bit “blobby” but they are several times life size. And yes I do know the binoculars haven’t got any straps! Left to right, SS-Untersturmfuhrer (Leutnant), SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer (Hauptmann/Rittmeister), SS-Obersturmfuhrer (Oberleutnant).

Do you have the option to show the straps from the top?

There is a Passion Model set that looks fine, although I have not seen it live:

And another one specific for Panzer Crew

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Rado makes good photo-etch details if you want to cut off the old kit details and replace with them with these. They look very nice and detailed.

They look nice indeed, but still need painting…

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Yes, they do. I was thinking from a standpoint of the details stand out more and would be easier to paint.