Painting putty

Back to it, I find my airbrushing camo painting is a perishable skill. Hence, I’ll cheat .Way back I had limited success with playdoh. Then, " Panzer putty " . It was always hard as a rock . Maybe old stock. Please advise me of an better choice . Thanks, k .

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Poster putty, or Blu-Tac. But you don’t have to get the expensive 3M brand name, go to the dollar store and they have the same stuff cheap. It’s much better than Panzer Putty, Silly Putty, or Play Doh. It stays where you put it, won’t leave a mark, is safe for PE screens, and can be used to mask hard or soft edge camo.

As the proud owner of AK masking putty… I also recommend blue-tac. I find the AK stuff self levels too much and just makes a mess of your pattern.

I like using it, try to slowly breaking it into smaller pieces. If you treat it hard, it reacts hard, but working slowly it becomes quite maleable.

Also it is important to make thin patches, and do not leave it on too long as it tends to flat and expand

To all you three diehards ,thank You. I feel kind dumb sliding back into thinking only dedicated modelling products are the best solution. That would be okay if they weren’t also the priciest !