Painting Stands

I am looking for one to do 1/48 WW2 planes. I have seen the Tamiya one but I would like to buy or make one that is cheaper than that one. How do you position your planes for painting and decaling? Thanks.

Just for some perspective, here’s the LMG turntable base:

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Thanks. My brain is on vacation. :laughing:

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I will have a look at that. I guess you are happy with it?

It’s okay for what it is- a 7.25 inch turn table made out of laser cut wood that rotates on a sealed bearing.

It’s also got a spring clip that clicks into each slot on the outer circumference. I thought it took too much effort to turn so I bent the spring down to make it easer to rotate.

BTW, I’m not smart enough to build aircraft. I use this as a paint stand for tanks and such. The reason it’s so clean is that there’s usually a piece of cardboard between it and what I’m painting.

As I understand it, the airplane holding stand attaches to this base.

Free. Just some foam glued together with a tail notch and a couple of cocktail sticks to stop it sliding off at an angle


A good friend gave me the Tamiya based as a gift. Put them to good use.


Cake decorating rotating stand. Was 5 or 6 pounds sterling from the supermarket, handy for larger projects

but I have the Tamiya stands and use them all the time, a worthwhile investment too. And the one which is meant for 1/24th car bodies can be used for larger 1/35th turrets.