Painting, thinner and cleaner questions

I was working on the figures for my Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo today. And as I was working on it, a few questions popped up in my head. I’m wanting to ask them, so here they come.

  1. When I’m using thinner to dip my brushes in before dipping them into the paint, can I pour the thinner I’ve used for that purpose back into the container? Or do I have to discard it?

  2. When I’m dipping my paint brushes first into thinner, does it matter what thinner it is? For example, do I need to dip my brush in Revell Color Mix if I’m going to use Revell paint? And dip my brush into Tamiya acrylic thinner when I’m using Tamiya acrylic paint? Or does it not matter?

  3. Is it possible to premix paint for usage on a pallette using empty jars of Tamiya for example? And use a pipette to get the tiniest amounts of paint on the palette to minimize waste of paint? And maximize the value of the paint I have?

  4. How much times am I able to use brush cleaning fluid of for example Mr. Hobby? Would it be good for maximizing the value of the product I got? Or would it be smarter to discard it and start with fresh cleaning fluid every time? But it does cost more money?

Hope this answers your questions.

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