Palmach CJ2A Jeep diorama completed

Here my finished diorama:


Wow that came great Stephane ! Great job on the Jeep. Nice subtle dusting and the figures look great too. I like the stone wall and tufts of grass you put down. Great scene !

Oh and I forgot to mention your choice of subject matter is excellent; rarely see this in modeling.

Superb scene and as @metalhead85 mentioned- a rare subject so its fantastic to see this! The Jeep looks awesome with the added extra weaponry and the rear gunner seat. Lovely figure work too- the contrast between the military uniform colors and the civilian clothes is particularly nice.

It looks great overall. The jeep is awesome. My only issue is the Arab/Palestinian women. They would not be talking to Israeli soldiers, or any men at all for that matter, who are not part of their family. It is part of Arab culture that women don’t even leave their family area w/out a familial male escort, especially 70 years ago.

I never thought about that. Maybe substitute them for an old man and boy ?

Hello all
Thanks you for your kind comments!
Gino, you’re right and i knew that , even if 70 years ago the religion was less pressent (just see the women dress that are more dark and heavy now than in 1948), but it’s a bit like if the women were controlled by the Palmach troopers who propected a settle road.
Thanks again