Panel liner tool

Has anyone used Dspiae’s panel liner tool?

Wondered if worth a purchase as potentially might be cleaner and therefore quicker, than using a brush. Although on occasions quite like a bit of ‘overflow’ as can be blended to add a bit of dirt etc on AFVs. Mainly use oils for panel liners/pin washes, but assume it would work for oils as easily as enamels or purpose made products such as Tamiya’s panel liners?


Should work great. All of half dozen or so DSPIAE tools I’ve purchased have been top notch.

BTW - It’s a scribe for cutting a panel line and/or making an existing panel line deeper & wider. I’ve always found using a scribe slow careful tedious work as one misstep creates an unwanted mark cut into the plastic to fill or sand away.


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Hey Wade, I believe it’s more of a Quill Pen for flooding panel liner liquid into scribed panel lines. Found this when I did a google search. There are cheaper ones out there as well. HTH.



I stand corrected. Thank you, Mike.


It looks to me a fancy ink pen and no more… There is a wide range at any artist shop, from cheap to extremely expensive.


Thanks all. I agree Dspiae make some quality tools. I did wonder if it was a repurposing of an already existing design for modelling use though.

Question is I guess whether it’s been refined in anyway to work with a broader range of mediums beyond just ink.

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