Panther at Rest

I have admitted to being a Panther addict (see my previous post). And this is my favorite diorama with a Mark V Ausf. A.

The Panther’s crew is taking a break in a protected spot by a French Railroad track. The Allies are pushing and the air is full of Jabos .

A couple of the crew have dismounted and are having a smoke, while the commander sits high in his hatch, keeping a sharp eye out for threats, either on land or in the air.

I built this one a couple of years ago. I really like the staging. It’s inspired by a photo of ‘438’ in Normandie, that shows just how incredibly long that gun barrel is.

The figures are Alpine, with the exception of the radio operator. I really like the commander, sitting comfortably on his hatch. A real beauty.

As always, I check out the photos in black & white to see how close to real war-time photos I get.

Radio Operator B&W

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that is a gorgeous little diorama and well thought out to.

In this brilliant three-dimensional snapshot, you’ve managed to capture the storyline quite well.

That is AWESOME! in every aspect.

Absolutely beautiful scene and your workmanship is impeccable.

That is one excellent diorama!

Lots of hard work that’s paid off nicely with a fantastic diorama! A++

Nice work!

Beautiful build man , not taking away from the modeling work and the dio as a whole but what really stands out for me is the way you merged the background into your photo shoot . Brilliant !!
Oh and the b/w photos also rock !!

Thanks. The backgrounds I use are just posters mounted behind the diorama. I just use my iPhone to take the photos. Simple stuff, but it does look pretty good (IMHO).

Very nice diorama. I am also a panther fan , although I only build one so far :slight_smile: What did you use for your foliage on the tank (especially the bit at the front), and what do you use to paint your figures faces?

Wow! Really nice diorama Ralph! As you say, the commander is awesome.

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Hi Paul, I use the AK, skin paint set, acrylics on my figures. As for the branches, they’re just some from my stash of greenery from various vendors. I think it’s a fern…