Panther Ausf A , Dragon 6168 front hatches

I am building this Dragon kit and have a question about the front hatches. They have a lot of small recessed holes in them and looking at pictures of panther tanks I don’t see those. Anyone know if all these little holes should be there? Or should I fill them?

In principle they are correct, there are only two left over that are designed for the Ausfg handle. d.
I have looked at it in Panzer tracts No. 5-1.
The handle goes diagonally on both, on the A very close to the corner and on the D more or less centered on the hatch, in both cases diagonally.
Excuse me but I don’t have the means at this time to put a better image on it, Panther Ausf. D.

Panther Ausf, A.

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Thanks Fernando. Yes I was confident about the handles. Just all the other little holes that seemed a bit odd. But yes I see they are in that drawing you sent.

Surprisingly difficult to find a decent image showing these holes. I suspect that many restored museum pieces have replacement hatches due to the fact that the original hatches were blown off and therefore lack the holes.

Nice - thanks for the picture! That is clear then!

I have one problem with this 6168 kit - the sprue M is missing the machine gun from the front. I read on another forum someone else who had the same problem. It seems that Dragon got some sprues mixed up with kit 6358. I have sent Dragon a Facebook Messenger message asking for a new sprue but no response yet.