Panther Ausf.A Early | Armorama

Meng Model has a new kit in the works. Check out the company's press release!

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Looks to be a very well detailed model.
Surprised to see width indicators on the mudguards …never seen this before on a German tank.

Ausf. D had them as well.

I didn’t know that. I guess that these items didn’t last long once the
tank was in the field. I haven’t seen every picture of Panthers but the
ones I did see, didn’ t show this item…good to know.
Thanks for pointing that out.

Yes, I think so. It was more common to see them on new tanks.


They also weren’t very useful out in the field, where you see most photos taken. However, on a narrow European street they came in handy.

I’m all for more variety but this horse has been beat to death and has been years back; there’s nothing new here. Vaguely disappointing that “splitting hair” variants seems to be the focus from companies who otherwise make excellent product.

With sincere respect, I like the variety. What you are denouncing as “splitting hairs” variants, I see interesting additions to my collection. This variant represents the only fully operational Panther in North America, and it is in the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, MA. It is about an hour away from where I live. You can see a video on You Tube about the restoration as part of the Littlefirld collection. Having seen it and touched it, I plan to model this vehicle.

I’m with you. WilliamHarry. People have no idea what we have been through. I went through the brunt of it coming from the late 1980s and into the mid 90s. Always, Sherman and Panther were my favorites as a kid, and my Shermans turned out great. But the Panther kits I tried developing in that same time period—and their resin support kits… Man it was a terrible time to call yourself a Panther fan. Thank the good LORD I at least had my Sherman back then.

This Panther A early version by Meng is amazing! I can already tell! I’ll try to get around to this one soon getting a copy. My brother wants me to build a sIG 38H right now.

I agree with you, WilliamHarry. Just delighted that these model companies are making the great Panther!

AMEN! The accuracy of these kits is fantastic, and the color charts are amazing.