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Quite old DML kit with some PE parts and resin added. Mainly out of the box build.

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Very nice. I like the battered mudguards and mismatched schurtzen. Looks like a vehicle from 12SS HJ?

Very very nice! 3rd Kompanie, I Abteilung, SS Panzer Regiment 12. I’m doing a big project on them and on the 15th Kompanie of SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 25. It’s on the old forum but I haven’t transferred it here yet. This is excellent work. I’m trying to soak up as many references as I can on it. There’s been some dispute about whether their turret numbers were read or black, I posted a the question last year and was told they are black. I was confused because of the aftermarket turret numbers for these HJ Panthers, half are black half are red. Thank you for posting your work! The paint scheme looks perfect for one of 3rd Kompanies schemes.

Excellent Panther!!!.
In my opinion, the numbers for this Panther are outlined in white only…304 for example (same unit and company), is possible to see the cammouflage inside the numbers contours:

(picture for discussion purpose only)


Hey Leonardo! Is that photo really from 3rd Kompanie/I Abteilung of SS Panzer Regiment 12!? If so, that’s awesome! Thank you for posting, I’ve been trying to get everything I can on the I Abteilung and particularly 3rd Kompanie. It’s interesting, in this photo, it almost looks like the 2 helmeted soldiers are Kreigsmarine. I wonder if this was taken in Belgium prior to the Caen assignment.

I had made a post on the old forum asking about the numbers and a comment from 101yann sold me on the black with white outline, at least for Normandy.

"There’s a very detailed official document dated 4 January 1944 with allocation and guidelines for SS-Pz.Rgt.12 tanks (Stab, I. & II. Abteilung).
About Taktische Nummern it says :
Farbe (colour) : schwarz (black).
The recommended height and width are also given :
Höhe (height) : 35 cm - Breite (width) : 22 cm


I think the Dragon Panther, Tiger and Panzer 4 holds up well to the newer kits. Dragon did an accurate job so they stay relevent. Even if they are getting expensive.