Panther Ausf.G w IR Night Vision from MENG | Armorama™

MENG announces their next release in 1/35 scale, one of the best German tanks produced in late WWII.

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Pour une compagnie comme MENG, produire un model sans intérieur n’a que peu de valeur. Désolé pour les inconditionnels de la marque.

Only have ~20+ Panther kits…looks like I’ll have to buy another one if it gets good build reviews and Meng fixed their horrible Panther A track design…hope this one isn’t molded in that fugly to look at red primer plastic color.

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The CAD looks really good, and I’m sure the molded parts will be just as nice.

This one is enough to tempt me into building yet ANOTHER Panther… maybe. (A subject that I’ve done so many times already. Sigh… well, maybe…)