Panther D by Meng

Another one finished, beautiful Panther D by Meng. It was an unbeliveable adventure to finish this one. After a strong earthquake that we had in Zagreb, Croatia in March 2020, it took me up until December to finally man up and force myself to put some paint on it. And, of course, 2 days before New Year’s eve, with my airbrush loaded, another quake hits. Stuff started falling on my bench and me, drop the model, drop the airbrush and run the hell outta building when things calmed down.
Well, the model sustained only minor “injuries” which were easy to repair (the boxes that are supposed to go at the back didn’t make it) and I am glad that it is finished. Paints and weathering by Ammo.


Thats sounds like a real adventure Sasa ! And nice Panther, looks good :+1:

Great paint job, Great weathering and a great build story. Being from ‘earthquake prone’ central California, I can sympathize with your situation.


Looks amazing :clap:well done!

Great job, I like it !

Thank you guys!

Now that you have built the Meng kit, can you make a comparison to the Dragon Panthers?

Hi Top! Unfortunately, I can’t, I never built Dragon’s one. All I know is that Meng kits have great details, fit is excellent and are overall really pleasure to build.

Beautiful work Sasa, I hope you and yours stay safe and have no more earthquakes. Thank you for showing us your very nice cat. Best wishes from Canada…Dale

Thank you, glad you like it!