Panther G Vespid early variant Panzer Rgt 24 Normandy 1944 1/72 scale

This is utising the early G hull from the Vespid Sperber Infra red night fighting

kit (VS720008).

As some might recall Ive had problems with the Vespid Panthers, the lifting hooks

are in my hands impossible to fit cleanly, trying to get anything to adhere with such

a small gluing profile is a nightmare. Add to that the spare tracks being moulded

the ‘wrong way up’ and then to my brain the utter madness of the schurzen

holding brackets…and then the rear stowage lids being the wrong size…

missing engine louvres…all that was nearly a deal breaker for me.

Cant see the point in making what is a wonderfully detailed kit with such basic engineering faults.

But hey ho.

The rest of the kit is brilliant, the etched schurzen are terrific.

Detail and fit are unsurpassed.

I had a set of replacement lifting hooks etched which have a ‘pin’ on the bottom so

the user can drill a .4 hole in the deck, fit and then glue on the underside of the hull.

I had etched some engine louvre covers and a set to enable the loaders hatch to

be opened.

I had to make new spare track units.

I made and cast new schurzen brackets which solved that problem.

I added Zimmerit, the MAN variant with milliput and a stamp tool, long job.

Otherwise pretty straight forward, added road wheels are from a Dragon kit

kindly donated from a fellow Braille scale member.

Jerry can and racks added to rear, gun cleaning tube shifted to rear deck.

Life Color paints via Harder & Stienbeck infinity,

usual weathering stuff used for the finish, oils, pastels and mud from VMS.

Been one of the longest most irritating builds( 14 months off and on) I’ve done for a

very long time and not really satisfied with the result.

I have 2 more G’s and a Jagdpanther in the stash and they might well stay there lol.

Kit: Vespid

After market

Adler lifting hooks set

Adler stowage lids, loaders hatch and engine louvres set

Adler Tank crew.spacer.png