Panther in French Army

it’s not a fresh job but for me still interesting
a postwar recycling of Germans Irons

comments are welcome


looks good!

Interesting subject you have there. What color have you painted it? Possibly tamiya dark yellow?

No the french yellow is more creamy… I control in my archives

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Nice to see an unusual subject being modelled. I wonder how many were actually used?

Gil FYI Allow for the colour being poor on old film.


Petbat, your 2nd photo shows the paler color. Interesting to see a big cat in post war use. Thank you

Those 2 tanks were displayed in front of the Invalides museum in Paris. They did not belong to any unit.
According to the usual sources Panthers in the French army constituted from a company to a battalion size unit only.

Nice job on your model. My only point is the turret markings which are not accurate when comparing to the period pictures.


I should probably have made the smaller France silhouettes
if I remember well I used H34 cream yellow

thank you for your support
unfortunately when i built this Panther the postwar use informations was very limitated… so this is my best interpretation… now with internet and new books my life as exotic tank’s builder is easier

I haven’t seen this kind of finish of a German WW II model before.

Did you only spray this model with one color?

Or didn’t you spray the model at all?

And how did you manage to get such symbols and marking on the tank?
Use some kind of mask or something to spraypaint it on or something.

And I believe I see you have used some washes on the tank, for example with the wheels of the tank.

Very special and unique finish that I’ve never seen before.

sorry sir…
the model is painted in cream yellow as all desertic french camouflage. it’s a postwar tank
the circle is japanese air insigna painted in blue ant the France is white decal cut by fine cutter (I use a reducted copy of the France map)

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