Panther tank and Maybach engine build

I acquired this old Panther kit and, to make it more interesting (heading for a diorama), I bough a Tamiya Maybach engine and maintenance team. This kit does not allow for opening the engine compartment door, so I cut it open (needs a bit of cleaning up still, and yes my tank painting could be improved- it is not finished yet :slight_smile: ). Now I am part way through building this and I have a couple of questions…

Does anyone have nice pictures of the engine compartment of a Panther when it is opened up? Ideally including the door.
What do you think about removing the air cleaners - presumably they would be the first thing to take off anyway if you wanted to look at the engine, and in a model they block out seeing any of the engine detail.
Also any other pictures of this engine kit in a tank would be interesting.
I will attach some pictures.


I found some online. This is also interesting: