Panther turret track hangers

Looking for dimensions in 1/35 of Panthers turret track hangers.
Not sure what to use to make them yet,but need size before I have any idea what to use.

What kit do you have? Many kits come with them. Some PE sets also have them.
The holder fits into the sprocket hole in the track so that gives you a width based on your track.
The edge of the track when mounted is at the top of the turret.
Take a random piece of narrow PE and bend it until you get the correct length. then you will know the sizes you need if you are making them.


I have the Takom kit 2100 and the hangers are not included.
I was going to use some old pe sprue leftovers but their too wide to fit into the track holes.
I was thinking of using large staples and bend the to shape as the Panther that I’m building had the flat type hangers.
Thanks for your reply.

I would go down the route Greg suggests. I’ve done it before with thin PE and they came out fine.

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