Panzer 4 H and J Zimm.?

Am I correct in thinking the Panzer 4 H’s had zimm and only some of the J’s had zimm?

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I believe Pz IV H production started in April/May of 43 and Zimmerit was introduced in Sept of 43. While my dates may be slight off, in any case some early Pz IV H didn’t have Zimmerit. Early to mid Pz IV J’s had Zimmerit.

Zimmerit application stopped roughly Sept 44, so late and final J’s don’t have it.

Right. Zimmerit application went from September 43 to September 44. Sorry I don’t have the days. Pz IV H’s were produced from April 43 to July 44, so the second half of them had Zim. J production went from June 44 to March 45 so the first half of J’s had Zim.

Perfect! I have a non zimm H and a zimmed J and all is well.