Panzer Art barrel issues

On August, I purchased many Panzer Art barrels from their distributor in Greece.
Some of them had casting issues.
I took photos and immediately informed Panzer Art. On the 25th of August Andrzej Wracławek replied to my email, admitted the problem and informed me that he will replace the barrels with new ones.
Till today no barrels received.
I have sent him several emails, messages via messenger without getting any reply from him.
I hope he is OK and still running the business.
It is quite a shame because he admitted the casting issues and then he forgot everything.

Pictures of defective items?

Barrels are for

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Each day I send emails without getting any answer.
Very professional guys in Panzer Art.

More questions.

You’ve emailed or contacted Panzer Art every day for over a year?

Resin cast parts?

Did Panzer Art ask for the parts back?
If so were they returned?

I hava emailed them since August 2023. I have also sent them photos. Panzer Art told me that they will replace the barrels with new ones. I have never received them. Every day I am sending an email without getting any answer.
I do not think that this is very professional from their part. In the photos it is very clear that the barrels have casting problems. The Greek distributor also contacted them without any success.

That’s unfortunate :confused:

Sounds doubtful you’ll get the resolution you want.

It probably won’t be too hard fix the air bubbles with a little super glue and sand paper. Likewise scrape and sand some of the other defects. That way at least the parts could be used. Even with the issues those parts look better than anything I’ve ever gotten that was made by say Black Dog (trash) or worse yet AEF Design (sewage).

I’ve fixed many similar or worse parts before with good results. It definitely sucks having to do so but at least one can move forward with one’s project and use the parts.

Good luck and best wishes.

Thank you very much for your tips.
I already done what you suggest with other barrels from Panzer Art!!!
But honestly when I am paying around 15euros per barrel I have the right to receive the correct product!!!

They are fixable.

If you know Panzer Art barrels suck, why keep buying them? And then why do you get upset when you find out they still suck?

Because I heard that they improved their casting procedures and I wanted those specific barrels because no one else is producing them.

Problem solved. Barrels will be shipped ASAP.
The delay was due to personnal issues of the owner of Panzer Art.
So everything is OK.

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Glad it’s working out to a satisfactory resolution.