Panzer Concepts: German 37mm Auto Cannon | Armorama™

The latest from Panzer Concepts is its 1/35 scale German 37mm Auto Cannon. It is 100% 3D-printed resin and available in 2 versions -- Cruciform Type Frame (Kit 35800) and a Towed Version (Kit 35810). Both kits offer multiple build options such as the ammunition feed type (square or round / spool feed), limber, as well as barrel choices, to name a few. It may also be displayed horse-drawn using ICM’s Soviet Divisional Artillery Horse Transport (Kit 35482).

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Great additions to their catalogue.

Off-topic: did they announce a Rohrwagen for the 21cm Mörser last year or am I confused? I can’t find any info on their website.

Wasn’t the Rohrwagen from Precision Models?

Sole provider:

Thank you for the link Robin, it must have been that one then. I thought it was an announcement made last year, but no amount of googling revealed anything.

See post by varanusk above.
Seems my memory is slipping …

The Rohrwagen will be out this year…Just got sidetracked with so many projects at the same time.

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This is great news! Thanks for the update.