Panzer Concepts: US 12in Mortar Model 1890 | Armorama™

Presenting Panzer Concepts' latest 1/35 scale resin kit.

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I just placed my order. His website/store is at Panzerconcepts (

I’ve built his US 6-inch gun on field carriage, but it is stacked up in the holding pattern above my paint booth. It is an outstanding kit and went together quickly. I’ve also got his 8-inch coastal gun on the disappearing carriage in my stash. It looks excellent also.

Mine arrived. This is some of the best 3D printing that I’ve seen. Very little clean up required. None of the usual striations and print lines to deal with. Instructions are more detailed and complete than most 3D printed kits. The included shell cart is nicely detailed and delicate. The two big parts of the base are cast resin. The casting is clean - no pin holes. I think that this will go together quickly and build up into a great model. I’d love to have a crew set for this and the other US Coast Artillery weapons.