Panzer crewman, Eastern Front

This is one of my favourites! Evolution tank crew with Hornet head. Evolution have got to be one of the best manufacturers out there! Love their stuff. Got a couple more from this set to post so, watch out for them…

So, what’s everyone else’s favourite brand?


Looks great, like the layout and execution.

I am also a fan of Alpine Miniatures and Tank.

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Looks fantastic!
My favourit brand: Alpine/Rado/Bravo 6

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Well you sure can’t beat Hornet heads, they make pretty much anything look better. I also like Stalingrad figures.


I must admit, I do like Alpine. Rado are just superb. I’ve had a few Tank figures and found them to be a bit crude on the sculpting. Scale 75 I find to be a bit hit & miss. Stalingrad are pretty good as well. Love their civilian range.

I don’t disagree. I was leaning more to one I like than dislike, could be a case early works vs later.

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Very nice work! Im definately gonna dig out some of my old Hornet heads for my next figure projects:) Btw I found such a German made sheepskin vest he is wearing in a shed a few weeks ago:)



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Can’t beat Hornet heads. Still setting the standard after all these years. You keep going Roger!

Really nice work…!