Panzer div. uniforms

Would supprt troops (signal troops especially) have worn feldgrau uniforms? I’m thinking black was actual tank crews. Havent seen anything proving it, just a feeling.

Yes you are right up to a point. However crews of armoured radio cars within the signal battalion, e.g. Sdkfz263 wore the Black Panzer Uniform, with yellow signals Waffenfarbe. Theoretically, the black clothing was only supposed to be worn by actual tank crews, so even support staff within the Panzer Regiment (truck drivers, admin staff, supply personnel) wore field grey. But signal troops other than those above would wear field grey. What unit are you interested in specifically? I have seen a picture of a pionere truck driver, with a load of assault boats, wearing Black Panzer Uniform, but he was a member of “Hermann Goering” (Luftwaffe) so anything goes there.

Working on an Sd Kfz 251/6 Ausf A, 22nd Panzer Div. Sounds like feldgrau for them. Yeah, HG Div. got all sorts of good stuff from Der Dicke.

Nother question rears it’s ugly head. Signals patch on sleaves, (lightning bolt looking thingy) i’ve noticed the bolt in different colors (red, yellow, green.) Branch of service color? 1st class, second class? Color of thread the embroidery shop had the day it was made?

Yes the signals specialist lightning bolt was in the colour of the arm of service, so you will see it in white(infantry), red (artillery), green (panzergrenadiers or mountain troops), pink (Panzer),etc. However signals units did not wear the badge, as the assumption was they were signals specialists anyway. You may see the trade badge for wireless mechanic, six lighting bolts together, on the lower right sleeve.

Thanks. Makes sense.