Panzer II Interior Detail Set?

I would appreciate some help in finding an interior (driver compartment and turret) detail set for a 1/35 Panzer II (A-C or F/G). Does not matter which brand the detail set is intended for as I will make the needed adjustments.

Tried all of the “usual” locations; on-line shops, EBay, etc. and “no joy”. Thought for sure Verlinden would have made one but have had no luck here either.

So, any help would be most appreciated.



I don’t think anybody ever made one for the Panzer II. You could maybe try Shapeways.

How about this?

Dragon 1/35 6687 Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf. A w/ Interior

s-l400 (1)

This one also has a fairly full interior

I can take pictures of the instructions if needed

Thanks gentlemen!

All good suggestions, that I really appreciate.

I had seen the Dragon / Cyber Hobby w/interior kits but was hoping to find just the detail set as I already have the base (Tamiya) Panzer ii kits. May have to re-think my approach on this one.


Thanks again gents! Went with the Dragon aus A with interior.