Panzer III A

After the Panzer II and Panzer IV in Poland, I decided to finish off the Bronco Panzer IIIA kit

It has good fit and a nice interior for the turret but nothing for the hull. The decals were ok, but need setting solution to get them down over the hatches and vision blocks. I had to use MEK on a couple spots.

There were only ten of them built and they were withdrawn from service by February 1940. You can see the difference between the A and later type.



Have you built the Miniart early IIIs? If so, how did they compare to Bronco’s attempt? I found the Miniarts to be fiddly in the suspension and the plastic was very soft.

Nice work, David. The color looks pretty good, what paint did you use? I enjoy your articles in the IPMS Journal too.

No, none of the Miniart Panzer III kits. The B model got some bad reviews but may have been fixed. I have done most of the DML versions.


Yes, they fixed the B. How was the build on the Bronco? I have it in my stash; anything to be aware of beyond the usual stuff?

I used Tamiya acrylics mixed with lacquer thinner. The color of the tank has a blue tint, but real panzer grey is brown tinted. However, I don’t like that, so I go with the blue tints.

Thanks for the compliment on the Journal articles. I try to make them a bit humorous. At least mention my mistakes.


Good fit. No big problems. I did use DML smart tracks because I’m lazy.


lol Those fit? If they pass well enough I don’t blame you.

The DML teeth may be a little short for the A model, but they fit fine.


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Nice work David :clap:, but did you notice the busted track RH front between drive sprocket and first roadwheel. Looking forward to pulling this out of stash at some point

Some how missed the earlier. Thanks. Fixed it. Left hand side, not right.



Didn’t MEK melt the plastic?

I do use it as glue but found small dabs can take care of slivering and hard to set spots. Don’t brush it on like a setting solution, but just small dabs. Maybe practice first if you are concerned.