Panzer III J in North Africa

Hi all. I’m asking for a friend who has a Panzer III J and wants to put it in a diorama set in North Africa. Firstly, was the J used in that theater and if so, were there any modifications made to the tank? Thank you in advance.

Rich M.

Yes the III J was used in Africa. As far as what mods were made, I imagine that the air filters were upgraded for the dusty environment, like on many other equipment items sent into the theater there, but don’t know for certain.

Thanks for the quick reply Stik

You’re welcome. Hopefully you can get some photos of your friends project and post them here.

Yes I’ll get him to take some pics. I think he bought it partially built lol…… so I’m not sure how far along he is in its construction; he’s not an armor guy; he does figures. I usually airbrush his armor for him.

No mods. The dust covers for the engine deck were standard by the time the ‘J’ hit the battlefield.

Thank you brekinapez I appreciate it.

There are many ways to build a Panzer III Ausf. J.

  • 5cm KWK L/42
  • 5cm KWK L/60
  • early fenders (without spare wheels)
  • late fenders (with spare wheels)
  • early (tropical) engine deck
  • late engine deck with armoured covers
  • with or without extra armor in front of turret and hull
  • only extra armor only in front of hull
    and so on
    You have to check a lot of photos of the tank! Only one modification, two or more, maybe all…
    Look at the instructions of Das Werk Panzer III Ausf. J in 1/16

Thanks gotrek 58 I’m realizing that now as I do research for this tank. I’ll pass it on to my friend