Panzer III madness

So, I haven’t made as much progress as previously due to prepping for end-of-year testing, and I have actually been out of town every day going back and forth to the test site.

But…I have the Ausf B roughly in the same state as all the others (fenders/tracks off; small bits to attach) and since the weather is garbage today and I can’t paint yet, I am going to start on the Ausf D. I have learned a few MiniArt lessons from the B and hopefully this one will go a bit smoother. I have found this kit more annoying than most of the Dragon kits. Still looking for an Ausf A and C and will add them to the pile as they arrive if found at a good price; may as well get them all done at one time.


And the Ausf D pulls ahead of the pack being the first with track assembled and most every component ready to go.

I cheated a bit by altering some parts. First, I took the small pin that fits inside the roadwheel housing by cutting off the flanged end and gluing the remainder to the housing, thus elongating the pin on the housing itself. This gave better purchase later when I attached the roadwheel housings to the swing arms and less sag like on the Ausf B I built first.

And as PE defeats me when it goes below a certain size, I used the cable mounts from a Dragon Pz III that looked close enough to fool 99.9% of the people that ever see my kits in the flesh.

Updates will be sporadic as I finish out the last few weeks of the school term and try to stay awake during post-planning meetings. Last week of May I’ll be able to kick it up a few gears and finish these off. I might even add the Ausf K that came bundled with railway flatcar.

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A bit of an update, though not really that much to report. Haven’t had a lot of work time as I am enjoying my first summer off with family in three years, so have been taking advantage. Oldest daughter’s first boyfriend has been visiting as he lives an hour away–which resulted in me having something to post in the ‘new stuff’ thread. Baby shower for sister-in-law down in Florida that was a 6-day adventure which also resulted in a book and kit grab in Jacksonville.

Anyway, I have several vehicles basically complete and ready for primer. I am in the process of doing the Magic Track kits and then I have a couple with OG indy links that will take time to clean. Family is going back to Florida in a couple of weeks so I will have lots of ME time.

Here are the Ausfs B and D:

6 to still track:

And the three DS kits:


Okay. Everyone is assembled and ready to paint except for the Tauchpanzer. I have met a slight dilemma with the DS hose included in the kit; it is heavy and inflexible and looks as if it intends to fight me placing it in the support brackets on the tank. I am considering looking in Hobby Lobby for something to forge an alternative piece, like Sculpey or something. I hate the DS on this kit. Wonder if it is why we don’t see many builds of this kit?

Good to see your progress, really amazing project :slight_smile:

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