Panzer III madness

So, I decided to blow through my stack of Pz.kpfw III kits in an effort to get a tech line of German armor out of the stash and to see how quickly I could carry it off.

These were the kits at my disposal:

And when I started cutting into sprues:

(January 28, if it was hard to make out.)

Started with the four 9000 series kits as they all went together nearly the same:

And got them to this stage by February 14:

Began prepping the remaining Dragon kits:

Started on the MiniArt kit on February 24:

Currently here with 6717 the Operation Seelöwe vehicle:

And here is the 6387 Ausf. L in between the Ausf J and the Flammpanzer. The L comes with winterketten so I will be doing that in a whitewash over gray. This will be my second try at a winter camo.

Random pic of the Dragon rolling hulls next to Anzio Annie:

And a few posing with their friend from Japan, Oscar:

Will be putting work into the 6431 Ausf N kit for a day next, then maybe back to the MiniArt.



Thank you for posting this thread! Definitely along for the ride and looking forward to it! A++

That’s a sharp looking Pz III platoon :slight_smile:

Madness! I was thinking about doing a T-54 and T-55 at the same time and balked at two at once.

But I just wonder… why??
Wouldn’t this just burn you out on Pz.IIIs??

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You must have a real masochist streak dealing with all that Dragon suspension.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Still, I have to admire you for getting this far. They all look good.
Seeing them all painted up will be cool.


I’ve had jobs in the past that involved repetitive work so building multiples of basically the same thing is no big deal to me. I teach now so masochism must come naturally, and thus that is no big deal either.

And as far as balking at two jobs bear in mind that besides the Panzer IIIs I also have in-progress a Spitfire Mk IIa, a Bf109E-4, a Mercedes 4500S, an X-wing fighter, a '57 Chevy Bel Air, and a '70 Corvette. I am obviously quite mad, and okay with it.


That’s my nomination for Best Quote of 2021

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Yep, I’ll second that nomination.


B, E, F, G, H (built), J Initial, J, L, M (built)

M (Kursk), N, Flammpanzer, Befehlswagen, Beobachtungswagen, Stugs B, F, and G, sIG 33B

Okay, so except for the Ausf G which will be done by tomorrow, all of the Dragon kits are complete except for the tracks and final assembly for painting. I am trying to decide which kit to give each type to; I want the better kits to have the Magic Tracks, then the DS, then the old indy links on the sprues that will require hiding by weather effects. Also thinking of upgrading pieces of the 9011 Ausf J with spares from the others; it has the most primitive toolings of the bunch.

Once I finish the fenders for the G I will spend time on the MiniArt kit for a bit. In the meantime I acquired a MiniArt Ausf D, as well as discovered I have another Befehlswagen that was part of a combo with the Schwerer Platformwagen Typ SSy. I am looking high and low for good prices on the A and C so I may start those as well if I acquire them soon. May as well complete the journey.


With apologies for arriving unfashionably late to this party, some may ask “Why”, I ask “Why not?” What a brilliant idea! Stash & space reduction too as they take up less space when built. And most of all heroic, just the thought of making tracks for 10 or 14 of these had me reaching for the dimple-bottled sedative. Two questions before those nice people in the white coats arrive (at your place and mine) (1) When you’re finished could you please rate each of these kits across general criteria like accuracy & build-ability? (2) Is there any possibility every version could have belonged to the same division markings-wise & if so, would you consider doing that? Oh yeah the stuff at the back of that shelf looks kinda OK too :exploding_head: :tumbler_glass:

@brekinapez Happy to see the update!

Just curious, what is your favorite Ausf for the Pz III?

BTW I agree with the above poster, your summary on impression of various kits, build experience and fidelity to detail would be fantastic.

Madness, madness. :grin:

let’s see the Mercedez 4500, ok?

Nice work on the Pz IIIs.

The 4500 probably won’t get looked at until the panzers are done but I will finish it. I got frustrated trying to figure out how to get the cab together without screwing up the interior work.

I will also give opinions on the IIIs when all is done.

I’m a PZ III fan and just love what you’re doing…I’m on the same path just slower and one at a time! Have done the A,B,C,J, and M and have the D, F, and N in the stash…Ken

don’t forget arv version…

Got the MiniArt Ausf B nearly done over the weekend, so now all kits started are basically needing tracks done and final assembly of fenders and upper structures. Weather is warming up so painting can start soon. Pictures later this afternoon.

arv version…drawing a blank?

The only one I’m aware of is a resin conversion set that is a bit pricey and I don’t see very often. My hope is that eventually one of the new kids in town will make one as I doubt Dragon is going to finish the sequence they started. I don’t have the resources or skill to scratch one at this time.