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First published in 1978, reprinted 2023, and still a solid investment.

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I have the original one. Its excellent.

Yep, me to, the one in French. Picked it up at Bayeux on holiday!

Me too. And I have several others, Excellent books!

Clearly I need to work on my photography… It’s developing

It is a good book, I’ve had it for close to 40 years and still use it as a reference. Have been able to look at some of the photo locations using Google Maps and Street View (some of the places have changed very little since 1944). The history is pretty solid for a book from 1978, newer writings have helped seperate fact from fiction in some cases, but that’s to be expected. There is another book by the ATB group titled “Ruckmarsch, Then and Now”, covers the German retreat across France. Very similar format and quite detailed, check it out.

I agree about “Ruckmarsch” - excellent book. I’ve also got the two volume set on Market Garden.

Me too a great book well worth buying it. Also I hope to buy the other book which followed on from this book “Ruckmarsh” that’s if it still in print but here is hoping!

Saw your post regarding “Ruckmarsh”, as of 31 March '23, it’s available (new) on Amazon, so I assume other dealers have it as well.

Many thanks for that I will have a look, also Historex Agents here in the U.K also have a few books not always available as well as Casemate Publishing U.K who I have received a copy of Panzer II by David Doyle which is no longer in print but still available through Historex Agents and also Amazon.

I saw it this morning on the Amazon USA site. After seeing you were in the UK, I took a look at the “After the Battle” UK web site, they show it as in stock as well. Hope this helps.

Hi Many thanks for the link on this I will go and check them out have a great weekend.

Panzers in Normandy in the mid 1990’s, saw a used copy for sale in the local hobby shop for ~$85 or about $165 today inflation adjusted. Shop owner offered it for $70 one day, decided to pass on it. Soon after the book sold to another modeler.

Always tempting but always too expensive and hard to find before online commerce.

Just ordered a used copy for $32 shipped.

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@Armor_Buff Do you have any of the tanks books from Feist Books, and are they worth it?

I’m away from my hobby room and library, there’s stuff by Uwe Feist etc this ancient tomb and others…

Was curious about those white and yellow cover Panther, Tiger. Panzer books.

Looking for modeling reference or technical or historical?

I honestly don’t find most books “all that” useful. The following come to mind as exceptional exceptions.

  1. Jentz’s works often along with Hillary Doyle are outstanding, excellent overall and helpful. Their Panther & Tiger books worthy of the prices of admission.

  2. 8 Wheels Good has many excellent works on Pz IV. This book rocks if a hardcore Pz IV fan.

  1. For model building, despite being old the Achtung Panzer books have proved consistently the most useful to me over the last ~30 years. New information has come to light over the last ~25 years but these are still a top notch starting point.

Usually, I start with Achtung Panzer and if hairs need split, escalate to Jentz, 8 wheels etc.

well I am going to focus on the Panther cut away with interior next and thought that you have a few under your belt also. So maybe what to focus at? Something with a lot of interior.

I wish I could find my Tiger manual book. It talked tactics and formations even how to break down all the number thing questions. one day I will find it again…

When focusing on German doctrine and units I have already some excellent sources down to all tank officers and where they served throughout there career, born, died, etc.

So I guess more on interiors.

I have a IV I still need to finish but, I will start doing those soon also.

I did build one with decals like this. but I no longer have it.

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:laughing: :rofl: :joy: I avoid interiors like the pneumonic plague. However, Panther interior wise this old book is pretty good.

Likewise, Ryton’s Panther

…there’s probably many others those come to mind

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Picked a used copy, very happy :blush:

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