Panzer IV Ausf E - Operation Barbarossa 1941

Good evening, gentlemen!
This is a very quick vignette. I was just working in the two left infantrymen figures to complete the scene. 11th Panzer Division. The vehicle is from Dragon and the figures from Evolution. Hope you like it.



I think the obstacles look a bit out of pace. That said, nice job on the build. The figures look good as well. :+1: :+1:

Nice build! Did the infantry guys ride the tank, or did they have to walk there; they look tired!

Cool dio, I really like the ground work

Indeed, but I must put something “soviet” there! :grin:

Well, they have propably walked all the way. half-tracks and KruppProtze are still in short numbers that time. Thanks a lot.

Thanks, Mead93!

Really nice job !


I really like this & there’s a germ of a narrative there too. Suggestions: tank needs a ton of dust dumped on it, way too clean. Definitely lose the D-Day tank traps if we’re in Russia. Figures are excellent but they look in need of something more to do, they could be looking at something as simple as a broken balsa fence along the front edge with – say – a solitary Red Army helmet hanging off it? :tumbler_glass:

Thanks a lot, Rich!

Hi Dioramartin! Yes, there’s still several skills I would like to achieve but… :upside_down_face:
Those antitank obstacles have being used by the russians (and many other countries) since the begining of the war - I don’t know what you mean with the D-Day allusion!?

Thanks a lot!