Panzer IV Ausf J Early Destroyed, WIP - 1/35

This is a very long term project. I really don’t remember when I have started it. Anyway in the meantime a lot of Panzer IV kits with full interior have been released. To put forward the plans I have to use parts from Dragon (DML), Trumpeter and scratch to achieve the desired configuration. The hull came from the spare box and it’s DML. The engine compartment, transmission an interior from Trumpeter Östwind, the upper hull is from DML Ausf H unused parts. The tower is also from DML spares, included the inner basket. The tracks are from RFM and there are also some Tamiya tools and accessories included.

Till the next step.


Interesting project sir!
I may be wrong ( and frequently am ) but I thought the interior of German tanks was painted elfinbein ? Kind of off white ?
Nice work so far though,


Hy, Jerry!
Thanks for the words. I’m certainly not an expert about this matter. The Elfenbein color was effectively used inside the german tanks. Toward the end of the war the Red Primer becomes more evident. According to my references only the side walls, ammo boxes, instruments panel and the roof was painted Elfenbein. The turret was also painted in this color (except the floor) .
I intend to show a vehicle partially burnt out and I’m still wondering what to do about the light color parts, how they look after a fire or a explosion happens inside. It’s not the same vehicle but I’m using the MiniArt Catalog as a guide. Just for the discussion purpose.

There’s a lot of work still ahead.


That’s some excellent work there Gelsen!

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Well the way you handle the exploded tank is a lot different than a burned tank. Just bended and broken, torn apart metal for the explosion. The burning would be gray and black scorched bits and also peeling paint from the heat and rust colors also from the heat. But I’m sure you know this,

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Thanks, Richard. But I should better choose another way to go. I’m not sure about the kind of finish I have to do.

Yeah, maybe it should better to abort this kind of finish, close the vehicle and throw it in a ditch. It will be much more practical. Thanks a lot for pointing out those details.

huh ? Why abort ?
You made good work so far. You just have to decide “uploaded” or burned out". It’s not too late.

Abort?! With that interior? Don’t waste your effort. Make the tank a mobility kill… a sprocket/track blown off, and the crew has to abandon their mount. No fire due to no penetration hitting fuel or ammo. And of course the other side comes along and opens up every hatch looking for souvenirs or useful items, then continues on their way.

This is a good example of a mobility kill… a hit thru the left fender that broke the track

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Another J Model abandoned; same as the one above - Mobility kill, penetration on rear turret tool box.

And another J model; this one with the “Drahtgeflechtschürzen.”

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Jerry and Carlos,
I should try another aproach. My first inttention was to make something like this, a frontal penetration (over the frontal transmission deck - hit the ammo depoist, right side and an internal explosion but not too much burning:

Anyway something has to be done. Thanks for the words and directions.


Were you considering something like this? Very famous photo taken in the Bulge. Probably a hit in the forward ammo stack?
destroyed pz iv battle of the bulge - Bing images

Other options are available…
destroyed pz iv battle of the bulge - Bing images
Don’t bin what you’ve done, there’s the basis of a great model there.


My first inttention was to represent a vehicle hit by AT fire with an internal explosion. But I’m not sure if this can cause also some “burnings” and how to represent it. The files you posted had some very interesting wrecks of Panzer IV. I will study them carefully and see wich way to go. Thanks a lot.

There always these ones from the same Life series as the Panzer III photo that I posted earlier taken in El Guettar Valley


G , I think you’ve done a masterful job.
Who sez an AP round set off the onboard ammo , an AP round would have just drilled in from the front and was possibly stopped at the engine .
Some of the above ref photos suggest that .
Not all shot up vehicles did the Hollywood explosion thing .
Keep going man , don’t let indecision influence your decision … and become a modeling road block .


Hy Carlos and Glenn!

Thank you very much for the support and the very good words. I will try to go ahead with the references you gave me. I hope I’ll find the proper way to finish the job.


Yeah man some guys above offered very good advice and info. Keep going. If it helps at all consider this. The Germans were masters at tank recovery and repair. If a tank could be drug back from the place it was hit then they would do it and soon have it back in action. The only times it wouldn’t happen is when they could no longer reach the wreck or if it had “burned out” and then they considered it totally destroyed.
Not meant to confuse you further but to help guide your decision,

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I got what you mean and appreciated what you and the other fellow modellers have done. I guess I will do a little deviation on this project using those new intel (for me at least). However it will take some time.
Thanks a lot.

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The Diorama Police have released the following statement:

“As several ex-cons have already said, Gemerim has a lot of leeway regarding this destroyed tank. There was a very wide spectrum of damage possible, depending on whether it was hit with an on-board stock of 87 (max capacity) rounds thru to just 1 round remaining in the breech. Consequently, the extent of post-hit combustion is open to an equally wide spectrum of possibilities. In other words, whatever the creator decides will be correct, and any nay-sayers will be dealt with appropriately.”