Panzer IV DAK Crew and Rider in Large Scale | Armorama™

Jeff Shiu Miniatures announced their latest 120mm scale figure release depicting German Pzkpfw IV crew & rider, designed for 1/16 Trumpeter German Pzkpfw IV Ausf.F2. The figures are based on Tamiya PANZERKAMPFWAGEN IV Ausf.G (EARLY PRODUCTION) box art.

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It’s strange that people have headphones but not microphones.


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I believe both the commander and driver should have throat mics.


(images for reference only)

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Does look like there is something around his collar, but if it is a throat mic it doesn’t seem to match your pic.

The microphones wouldn’t be on the collar. They would literally be on the throat.

Another thing might be wrong here, but I’m not sure about this, it’s a comment I heard. Did the Panzer IV have little seat platforms that you would hook onto the doorway for this exact situation?


I recall when doing volunteer work at Bovington Tank Museum a colleague climbed into the Driver’s position and proved that one could not drive the vehicle with one’s head sticking out. He sort of sunk down and across until he was aligned with the vision port. Now this was the model with the extra armour skirts etc but I’m pretty sure that the Driver’s position is unlikely to have changed during the various marks.

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Well, he may not be driving at this moment in time, so I suppose he could stick his head out to get a breather. That said, if he has headphones on, he should also have throat mikes. That particularly applies to the TC. Maybe the driver doesn’t have them, because the TC doesn’t like to listen to him talk! :slight_smile:

Well, thank you, but the Panzer in the product photographs is not a Tiger. It’s a Panzer mark 4.

The “mark IV” and “mark VI” and so on are not different marks of the same thing - they are different vehicles. Almost completely different. Certainly the hatches are not in the same places.


Er David, I’m a bit confused; I don’t think anyone was referring to a Tiger. The Mark IV in the Tank Museum at Bovington was the one I mentioned.

Are these licensed from Tamiya? Did Jeff do the originals? I hope the commander is available separately.

Would love to see that crew in 1/35 for my Dragon DAK Mark IV

Buy the Tamiya Kit and you’ll have them, :wink: