Panzer IV E crew seats

Hello All,
Does anyone know if the loaders seat could be folded up when not in use? I’m having trouble fitting a crewmen in the turret side hatch because his legs are hitting the seat. Not sure what to do.

The gunner and loader had seat bases attached to the turret legs by these clamps.

You can loosen the clamp with the handle, then rotate the seat or slide it up or down the pole. You cannot easily remove it.
The backrest was a separate part and even more difficult to adjust.



Ok thank you very much for that David. I kinda figured they were adjustable in some way. I can drop the seat down to make room for the figures legs.

I ended up lowering the loaders seat by about an 1/8” and did a test fit of the figure and it worked perfectly. Problem solved.
Another problem I ran into was the turret, even when properly assembled doesn’t fit into the turret race correctly. There is a gap between the turret and hull . Part F36 which goes into the bottom of the hull is misaligned. Or maybe the turret floor is too far to one side? When I pushed the turret over to one side it closed the gap and fit in the turret race perfectly. I believe the turret was offset to one side on the real tank. I remember reading this in a review by David Nickels on Track-Link I think in December 05.Think I’ll just cut off part F8. Here are some pics.

The last pic is of the loaders seat lowered.

Sorry I forgot to include a picture of part F8 on the bottom of the turret floor which is supposed to fit into part F36 in the hull.

Yes, it was offset. See “Dimensions of the Panzer IV”

Another thing; this “third leg” didn’t exist in the short-gun Panzer IV.


Did not know that David thank you.
I wondering if when assembling the turret floor with its supports I may have moved it too much to one side and that’s why I had a hard time getting it to sit properly in the turret race but it looks pretty straight to me. Oh well